Ellie Shoal Potvin


10/31/01 – 06/23/10

Ellie Potvin’s cancer battle started at the young age of 6 years old. On July 2nd 2008, she was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer called stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma. She fought a heroic battle for 2 years, having approx. 60 rounds of chemotherapy using over 10 different combinations of chemotherapy agents.  Plus, 30 days of radiation to her lungs and abdomen. On July 23, 2010 Ellie earned her Angel wings.  Ellie’s journey touched the hearts and souls of thousands of people through Caringbridge. In 8 short years, Ellie served her purpose on this earth.  Ellie taught the world how to smile in the face of adversity, to find the blessing in each day. Her message was one of childlike faith and trust in God love’s and healing power.

During the worst of times, Ellie found a way to smile and find the joy in life. Through a looking glass, outsiders were able to follow Ellie’s day to day battlle. Through the innocence of a child’s eyes others found themselves “Lifted Up” to seek a higher purpose in life.  Ellie symbolized the meaning of strength, love, hope and courage .  Her purpose on earth was to restore spirits, hearts and create richer lives in individuals and families around the globe.  Ellie motto was “In It to Win It” … and she played out that role till her last breath on earth.  Today the family is at peace in knowing that Ellie is fully healed in heaven. Yet, Ellie’s spirit and message remains alive in the hearts of so many people she touched during her short life on earth.  Amy Potvin, Ellie’s Mother, has decided to honor of her daughter’s life she will write a book on Ellie’s courageous battle against cancer. The goal is to continue to spread Ellie’s message of love, faith and hope. As well as raise awareness of pediatric cancer.  Tim and Amy Potvin have created a non-profit, 501C called the “Lift Up Foundation”

Celebration of life video:

Team Potvin believe’s through Integrative Medicine that our Ellie would be running and playing today at the beach.  Our mission going forward is to bring education, knowledge and empowerment to families dealing with pediatric cancer.

May treatment options going forward be based on knowledge… not fear and ignorance created by corporate greed and Oncologists being boxed into one way for cancer treatment.  For 35 years Oncologists have been treating cancer the same way… with the same results. This has led to the #1 cause of death among children in the United States to be pediatric cancer. Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery are only part of the solution.  Team Potvin believes that this radical approach in destroying our children’s bodies should be the last resort – not the first.

Please help Team Potvin be given a voice.  We are in the process of creating the most powerful networking site in the world to link families, educators and friends together … to give our children the opportunity to fight with no additional suffering above the cancer. It is possible.  But to learn together… we must join together.  Lift Up Pediatric cancer!

What can you do today? Make a donation or create your own fundraiser to donate proceeds to the Lift Up Foundation.  Just as in cancer treatment… money is what stops our children from receiving the best medical treatment in the world.  Let not this be the case any longer… but first it starts with one voice.  Believe in the “Lift Up” Foundation … we will fight for every Ellie in the world.

Donations can be made at or by sending a check directly to the foundation. Thank you!

Lift Up Foundation

10018 Triple Oaks Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28277

“Lift Up” Foundation Inc.

Our Children deserve to be heard, they need advocates to voice the need for awareness, research and support to families in the fight against pediatric cancer” – Amy Potvin


Team Potvin will be re-creating this the Lift Up Ellie site in honor of our daughter’s heroic fight against cancer.  Ellie was an angel spirit sent to earth on October 31, 2001.  She shared with the world through action … her valuable insight and messages on how to live each day.  Ellie never gave up hope…. she would “kick cancers butt”.  The Lift Up Foundation’s mission is to be a voice for all children fighting against pediatric cancer.  By highlighting Ellie’s battle against cancer… pediatric cancer is not just a word. The story is emotional, as a 6 year old little girl who fought cancer for 2 years, suffered and died.  But during that time, Ellie never stopped counting her blessings each da

The Lift Up Foundation is a 501C non-profit organization created by Ellie’s parents only months after Ellie’s initial diagnosis.   The motto continues to be, “In It to Win it!”  Ellie thrived off this attitude and never gave her hope to be cured of all cancer.  Losing the fight against cancer was never an option.  And Ellie did win the battle. Through God she was healed in the heavens.  As our “Lift Up” Angel, Ellie, she will guide all to truly make a difference in the lives of other pediatric families.  It is our prayer that God continue to shed his light upon our team… now to guide our Lift Up Foundation to create a higher purpose through the loss of a child.

Two years ago, Team Potvin asked people around the globe to help “Lift Up” Ellie… and the world joined together to make a difference for one family. In the sharing of Ellie’s experience, many people learned to live a more purposeful life.  Together, Ellie supporters were “Lifted Up” by her infectious spirit and will to live… against all odds.  Team Potvin believes that Ellie will serve as the orchestrator from the heavens to build the Lift Up Foundation.

On June 26, 2010, – Family, friends and prayer warriors celebrated Ellie’s life at Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC. Those who could not attend sent pink and white balloons into the sky at 1:00pm in honor of Ellie Potvin’s life.  She was an extraordinary child full of light and wisdom… many referred to her as an old soul.  Today many are seeing signs of Ellie, as promised, through butterflies and rainbows.

The Lift Up Foundation seek to bring together… All who have been touched by Ellie’s battle against cancer.  We need to unite together as one to make the difference to all families who fight against pediatric cancer.  Team Potvin understands that it will take a force, as big as cancer, to raise awareness and find the cure.  The Lift Up Foundation will launch fundraising efforts worldwide, but it will only happen by your commitment to “Lift Up” our children and be pro-active in organizing fundraisers.

The organization also cares about it members.  The goal is to continue to “Lift Up” others around the world.  How?  Simply by the sharing of Ellie’s fight and relaying the messages that shined through her spirit.  The Lift Up Foundation’s philosophy is based on Integrity, Compassion and Kindness for everyone on this earth.  Never lose sight of the fact that we all struggle and need to be “Lifted Up.”

It is our belief, we will feel “Lifted Up” jointly be creating a higher purpose through Ellie’s death.   As we participate in continuing Ellie’s fight against pediatric cancer … we will continue to create a more purpose driven life in others.  Together through fundraising efforts, we can support financially and emotionally other pediatric cancer families.  The Foundation also believes that alternative cancer treatments need to be brought to the forefront, as an “option,” in combination with conventional treatments.

Ellie was a bright soul. Her short life was to serve as a higher purpose to all. It began as simply touching the hearts and souls of people whom she had never met through Caringbridge.  By just looking at her photo, Ellie’s sparkling eye’s acted as a portal to her soul and you saw the light of God. Team Potvin is proud of Ellie.  Not many accomplish their purpose for life after only 8 years. Elllie’s ability to spread the message of LOVE, FAITH AND HOPE to millions of people was inspirational.   The world continues to need to hear her message.

Many learned a personal message through following Ellie’s journey over the 2 years.  Ellie taught children to have compassion and pray for others, she grabbed a Mother’s heart and reminded them to slow down to enjoy their kids, she softened grown men’s hearts and whispered to please work less hours and love more.  AND COUNTLESS OTHER LESSONS.  Some messages were simple reminders to count your blessings each day.  Other messages were so powerful they saved or changed lives in ways the Potvin Family will never full grasp.

Ellie inspired and motivated other’s to join hands to continue Ellie’s fight to “Kick Cancer’s Butt!”   We must believe that Ellie has not died… she is healed of all cancer.  She chose to die on earth to be reborn in spirit.  Elie knew in spirt that her fight against cancer would become bigger than ever! Please join our Lift Up Foundation, experience how Ellie will help to guide your path in creating a purpose through her death.  We believe that you will be surprised by your spiritual growth as you help Ellie continue to “Kick Cancer’s Butt!”

The Goal of the “Lift Up” Foundation

The goal of the “Lift Up Foundation” is to raise awareness of pediatric cancer, support other families battling this disease through

emotional and financial support, plus encourage and promote alternative cancer treatment options available worldwide.

Lastly, the Lift Up Foundation hopes to bring other’s around the world together with a common bond created by an angel, Ellie.

Through this shared cancer journey… the Lift Up Foundation team will be born to raise money and create positive change for pediatric cancer.

The prayer being… that not one more child will have to suffer or die from this tragic disease.  As it also shatters hearts of family members,

as they too experience incredible emotional suffering in watching a loved one battle this cancer dragon.

Twitter: liftupellie & amypotvin

Facebook: liftupellie / butterfliesforellie / Amy Potvin / Lift Up Foundation


“Blessings to all you love in this world” –  Team Potvin

How can you join the “Lift Up Foundation”?

It is simple, take the first step and take action!  It is easy to begin, it is hard to stay the course… life is busy!  Team Potvin is looking for other’s that have a passion in supporting pediatric cancer.  It could be through your own personal experience with cancer. Or maybe, you want to create change in your own life by stepping outside your box and helping others? No matter the reason, if you have the spiritual desire and energy… we want YOU to join our family – Team Potvin.  This is not an exclusive club… just like cancer… anyone of you can join at any time.  The Good News is… it is much more “Lifting” to be on this side of the disease.  Your role will be to help ‘Lift Up” Pediatric Cancer one day a time, one family at a time, one researcher at a time. Use your talents and be proud. Team Potvin in proud of you!


  • Make a Donation
  • Involve your Company
  • Organize a Fundraiser
  • Solicit Corporate Sponsors
  • Share Ellie’s story with others
  • Ask friends to join in the fight
  • Raise awareness of the Foundation
  • Be Creative… share with us your ideas
  • Keep motivated through a photo of Ellie


Be creative and have fun.  This type of event helps raises awareness in your community about Pediatric cancer. It also brings in donations to the “Lift Up Foundation” that will allow us to make a difference and ‘Kick Cancer’s Butt”!

Also, you will experience many blessings that happen around you, as well as within your heart, when you put energy toward a good cause.  A fundraiser will personally allow you the opportunity to meet new friends.  All of you have come together to for a common cause, you already have something important to talk about! Either organizing or participating in a fundraiser is a great way to to make new friends and network.  Plus, it is monumental to the Lift Up Foundation to ensure we keep low overhead and our fundraising dollars high. If you would like to organize your own fundraising event within your church, school, athletic team, company, member organization or have another great idea – Just drop us a note! Thank you.

For more information or to help please e-mail

Blessings to all that you love in this world!



Perfectly Pink Tea with Mrs. Claus

D Barnes

Story Updated: Dec 2, 2010 at 10:45 AM EST

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Little girls love tea parties…and what better tea party to attend than the “Perfectly Pink Tea with Mrs. Claus.”  Wilson and Checkers’ mascot Chubby were at the Ballantyne Hotel with a group of young ladies as they prepare for this weekend’s tea party. Wearing his pink Santa hat Wilson got into the fun with cupcakes and Santa.

The  “Perfectly Pink Tea with Mrs. Claus” is a fun filled event for young girls and their Moms with food, crafts and of course, tea with Mrs. Claus. The event is held in honor of Ellie Potvin, a little girl who lost her courageous battle with cancer earlier this year.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Lift Up Foundation which is dedicated to supporting families fight against pediatric cancer.  Get more information on Ellie Potvin and Lift Up Ellie click HERE.

Reservations are required.  Get more information  HERE or at Ballantyne Hotel website or call 704-248-4100.  Cost is $40 per child $20 per adult.

Special Thanks to: Weddings and the City Events, Crawford and Company Florists, Split Second Sound, Party Reflections, Richard Israel Photography,  Kristin Vining Photography and Ice Sensations for their help and  participation.

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by MICHELLE BOUDIN / NewsChannel 36

Bio | Email | Follow:

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 6:16 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The story of Ellie Potvin has been nothing short of inspiring to so many here in the Charlotte community and even around the world.

The 8-year-old lost her battle to cancer in June, but she continues to inspire.

“She was just an amazing little girl,” said Anne Nielson.

Nielson is a Charlotte-based artist who worked with Ellie, creating paintings and later prints to help raise money. They have now been sold to people as far as way as Australia and Italy.

“She did say ‘I want to be known as the little girl that is an artist, she didn’t want to be the little girl with cancer,’” said Nielson.

Nielson has also donated some profits from her own work and raised almost $20,000 dollars for the Lift Up Foundation. Ellie’s family started that foundation to try to help others facing what they faced.

“We’re going to heal through giving back to others in the community and reaching out to people who are in need,” said Amy Potvin, Ellie’s mother.

Amy says it’s all she knows to do — follow her daughters’ inspiration.

“Ellie taught us how to give,” she says. “Ellie, in her worst of times, was always thinking of the other person and how they were feeling.”

The little girl’s art will be sold at another fundraiser this weekend; a special painting will be among them.

“This was the last painting that Ellie did. It’s called guardian angel. It was basically Ellie’s goodbye to us all saying she’s going to be with us watching us from heaven,” says Amy. “It was just a way for her to let us know she’ll always be with us.”

Amy says she is certain Ellie’s spirit will be there at this weekend’s fundraiser — as little girls have tea with Mrs. Claus. Ellie and Grace loved having tea parties. It will be held at the Ballantyne Resort on Saturday, with ten percent of the proceeds going to the Lift Up Foundation.

“She was a special little girl she was a special little girl, and were so proud of her.”

If you’d like to see the art, you can go to You can also check out the Potvin foundation at

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Hundreds come to say goodbye to Ellie –

Ellie Shoal Potvin – Obituary

Ellie Shoal Potvin
Ellie Potvin of Charlotte, our beloved daughter, lost her two-year courageous battle against a Stage 4 rabdomysarcoma on Wednesday, June 23, 2010. She was born October 31, 2001 in Portsmouth, NH to Amy McGee Potvin and Timothy Roland Potvin.
In addition to her parents, Ellie is survived by her loving twin sister Grace, grandparents Bill and Karen McGee of Mt. View, NY and Roland and Bonita Potvin of Lewiston, ME.
Ellie was a bright-eyed 8-year-old who specialized in being kind and loved to sing and dance and paint. She had hoped to join her 3rd grade classmates at Endhaven Elementary next year.
Funeral services in celebration of Ellie’s life will be held at 11 AM Saturday, June 26, 2010 at Calvary Church, 5801 Pineville-Matthews Road, with Dr. John Munro officiating. Her family will receive friends Friday evening in the Rea Road Room at Calvary Church from 6 until 9 PM.
The family asks that memorials in memory of Ellie be sent in care of her special needs trust to further help her family to pay medical expenses that have accrued. Please mail to Ellie Shoal Potvin S.N.T., 9218 Ginhouse Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277 or visit
Ellie’s family would like to express their sincere thanks to the staff of Levine Children’s Hospital and the staff of Kids Path, especially Jordan Thompson, for the loving care given to Ellie during her illness.
Arrangements for the Potvin family are in the care of Heritage Funeral Home, Ballantyne Chapel. An online guest registry is available at


Worldwide Balloon Release to honor Ellie Potvin – 1:00pm EST Saturday

Can you imagine 1,000,000 balloons being released to honor a girl who was so strong and who touched so many lives?  Let’s show Ellie and the world how much she touched our lives.

Worldwide Balloon Release this Saturday, 1:00 PM EST.   Release a white or pink balloon to honor Ellie Potvin.

I know alot of readers have also lost children to this horrible diease called CANCER release a separate balloon in honor of your son or daughter.

view CaringBridge entry


UPDATE on Ellie’s fight… plus limited number of new paintings available

Summary of Amy’s CaringBridge journal entry:

“Our Ellie is still fighting!  Praise God.
Hospice tells us our beloved Ellie has approx. 2 weeks before she is “Lifted Up” to the heavens.  Our little angel has declined rapidly over the past couple weeks.  It has been hell on earth for our family. We have watched our Ellie’s spirit is breaking, the flame inside her spirit is fading away.
The pain has caused an overwhelming fear in Ellie, as the cancer rapidly has taken over her body.  Today we are working close with hospice to allow Ellie comfort in this journey.  And we continue alternative treatments in hopes our miracle of healing is yet to come.

Faith, Hope and Belief to the end… we must believe. Believe.”

Ellie Artwork and Angel Paintings for purchase!

New print  “All Things Bright and Beautiful” in Ellie’s Art Collection.  Also, new beautiful angels prints.

The painting “Sisters” is of Ellie and Grace. Anne Neilson prayed for God to help her capture both Ellie and Grace’s spirit… and she did beautiful work.
These prints are limited in supply. Proceeds of Ellie’s work and Angel paintings will go directly to Ellie’s medical care fund.


Avon’s “Lift Up Ellie” Online Event

Start Time:
Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 8:00am
End Time:
Friday, June 4, 2010 at 12:00pm

The goal is to raise a total of $3,000 which $900.00 would go to support Ellie.

The event starts today and ends on 6/4/2010.

You will need to follow the link to this Avon home page which is
You will need to create an account. It is easy- just fill in your e-mail address and create a password. Then click the On-Line Events tab and shop. Make sure that Ellie is entered into the code field so I can track the sales! Order everything you want and then click update coupon code.

For questions, contact

I hope and pray we can lift up Ellie!


TODAY!! May 22 and 23 Lift Up Ellie benefit days at all BORDERS Bookstores around the country!

May 22 and 23 Lift Up Ellie benefit days at all BORDERS Bookstores around the country!

Please print and distribute the vouchers by any means possible, as it is good for use at any Borders store in the United States.

This is last minute – but together we can ask other to purchase Fathers Day, Graduation Gifts, Summer Reading Books and much more!

Please go to   or  Lift Up Ellie on Facebook  to find a  promotional voucher for this weekend TO USE IN ANY BORDERS STORE!

If you live in Charlotte, NC please come join Borders Bookstore in Stonecrest Village on Rea Road today – Saturday May 22nd!

Ardrey Kell Womens lacrosse team with Kristin Driscoll will provide free gift-wrapping for Lift up Ellie 10:30 – 3:00 PM.

Nancy Drews’  80th Anniversary Party with the Carolina Sleuths Featuring Rudy Nappi, illustrator of Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys.  He will sign up to 5 copies of each series.

There will be several stations with crafts, spy fun, Raffles & more.

11:00 to 12:30 PM

Magic Barry will perform 3 thirty minute Comedy Magic Shows

2:00 to 3:30PM

Seattle’s Best Cafe will provide sampling during Nancy Drew & Magic Barry times.


Borders & Waldenbooks to support Lift Up Ellie this weekend May 22-23

Borders and Waldenbooks are being extremely generous this weekend, May 22-23, and are donating part of their sales to Lift Up Ellie. The only catch is that you have to bring a voucher with you and provide it to the cashier when you check out. If you would like a voucher for this incredible fundraiser, please email Kristin Driscoll at She will send you a few copies of the vouchers to send to everyone you know. This fundraiser is taking place all over the country as long as you bring the voucher! Please support Ellie!


Frequent Flyer miles needed to help Lift Up Ellie!

Here’s another way you can help LIFT UP ELLIE!

If you have frequent flyer miles that you would like to donate to the family to assist with medical travel, here are their account numbers for both American Airlines and US Airways.

Amy Potvin

American Airlines Advantage account #221ykj0

US Airways account #50018848205


Tweets Needed to raise $1000 for Ellie!

If you have a Twitter account – Please join at @liftupellie

We need to reach 10,000 followers to be gifted a $1,000 donation for Ellie’s care.

Only 300 more followers to go!


SALON 42 in DILWORTH hosts fundraiser for Ellie – STARTS Friday, April 16th 6-8 PM

Join us to kick-off a week of giving for Team Potvin!
Friday, April 16th
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Hosted by Salon 42
2444 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28203
in the Park Square Shopping Center in Dilworth

Join us tomorrow night (Friday) from 6pm-8pm for this FREE family fun kick-off event at Salon 42 in Dilworth. Ellie and Grace plan to be there with friends.

The event on Friday night will kick-off a week long of giving to the Potvin Family.  Starting Saturday 4/17 through Friday 4/23 a % of any hair cut, treatment, style or other salon services will be given to the “Lift Up Ellie Fund”.

You can make your appointment during the kick-off event or contact Tina at the Salon at 704.375.6234 or email Tina Hicks at

Check out the article on the WCNC website:
Check out Salon 42 on Facebook

Here’s what’s going on…For the kids…
· FREE colored hair spray streak!
· Visits from Princesses and Chubby from the Charlotte Checkers
· Games & Activities
· Pink Lemonade & Popcorn
· Colored hair extensions, Belle Tunno Headbands and Ice Cream all available for purchase with % benefiting “Lift Up Ellie”
For the adults…
·  Waxing services & Hair consultation by Salon 42 Professionals
·  Wine tasting at The Wine Shop with % to“Lift Up Ellie”
·  Bella Tunno headbands and scarves available for purchase
For Everyone…
·   Light Snacks
·   Music, Raffles, Fun & More!
Donations will be made to Team Potvin for all hair services performed 4/17-4/23.


We’re banding together for Ellie & Grace Potvin

Help us support the Potvins and fight childhood cancer! 100% of the proceeds from The Lift Up Ellie Headband will go directly to the Lift Up Ellie Fund.

Shipping for online purchases will be free when the discount code ELLIE is entered at checkout.

8 year old girls should focus on Barbies and their multiplication tables. Their laughs should be light, airy, real – they shouldn’t have a care in the world. They should go to sleep replaying their soccer games and with tunes of Hannah Montana in their head.

Life’s just not that fancy-free for Ellie and Grace Potvin. Ellie is battling Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma – a very rare childhood cancer. Ellie was diagnosed July 2, 2008 and life has been forever changed. Only 3% of children in the United States have this type of rare pediatric cancer. Out of the 350 children total diagnosed per year, only 175 children have a survival rate past 5 years.

She has been fighting this fight with her twin sister Grace and her parents for 1.5 years now. Ellie’s battles scars are visible from the sickness, Grace’s scars are equally as deep, but not for the world to see. These girls are warriors – fighting a battle with odds against them, the beast is so much bigger than the monster under their bed. Like most twins, Ellie and Grace have an inseparable bond – a love for each other that’s hard to describe to others. Ellie is holding on to life. Grace is holding on to hope. We want to band together to help them hold onto one another.

Buy Now

Bella Tunno has partnered with Ellie and Grace to create a reversible headband that reflects their personal style – Ellie’s side is hot pink camo – wild and experimental. Grace’s side is bright repeating stripes – pretty and conservative. But this isn’t just a headband – it’s a reflection of the girls – it’s their headband and it’s our chance to band together to show Ellie, Grace and her family our monetary, emotional and visible support. By purchasing this headband, others can join Ellie, and her family in their battle against cancer. Here’s how purchasing a headband helps:

  • 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Ellie Potvin Fund to help with Ellie’s treatments and the family’s financial needs
  • Purchasing a headband grows awareness for Ellie and Rhabdomyosarcoma.
  • Wearing the Lift Up Ellie Headband is a visible show of support.


Ellie was diagnosed July 2, 2008 with a rare childhood cancer called Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma. Only 3% of children in the United States have this type of rare pediatric cancer. Out of the 350 children total diagnosed per year, only 175 children have a survival rate past 5 years.


The mission of the “Lift Up Ellie Fund” is to find the cure for Ellie and ease the effects of this devastating illness on the family’s day to day life. This fund is a Supplemental Needs Trust Fund created for Ellie Shoal Potvin to offer various forms of financial relief for the family over the long years ahead.


With each purchase, monetary, emotional and visible support is offered to Ellie, her family and the “Lift Up Ellie Fund.”


Charlotte Children’s Hair Salons: PIGTAILS & CREWCUTS and DOOLITTLES host ‘Lift Up Ellie’ events in March

PIGTAILS & CREWCUTS and DOOLITTLES HAIR SALON will host Lift Up Ellie events this month!

Help us spread the word!

March 20th – Doolittle’s Hair Salon Stonecrest
10% of the proceeds from all haircuts will be donated to the Lift Up Ellie Fund
100% of proceeds from Lift Up Ellie & Grace headbands will go to the Lift Up Ellie Fund
Appointments preferred
7930-C Rea Road
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 341-3884
Hours: 9:00-2:30

March 27th – Pigtails & Crewcuts in BOTH Blakeney and Cotswald
10% of proceeds from both locations (and other local vendor sales) will be donated to the Lift Up Ellie Fund
There will be balloon animals, snacks, coupons, raffles, etc.
100% of proceeds from Lift Up Ellie & Grace headbands will go to the Lift Up Ellie Fund
50% of the proceeds from all other Bella Tunno Headbands will go to the Lift Up Ellie Fund
Walk-ins welcome/preferred

Cotswold Pigtails & Crewcuts
Cotswold Village Shops
210 S. Sharon Amity
Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: 704.366.9100
Hours: 9:30-5:00

Blakeney Pigtails & Crewcuts
9935 Rea Road, Suite C
Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone: 704.541.3386
Hours: 9:00-4:00


“Fight for Ellie” Charlotte Checkers Video

Friday March 12th 6:00 PM – Lacrosse Game Dedicated to the Potvins

Come see the Ardrey Kell Women’s Lacrosse Team play Providence High for TEAM POTVIN!! Ticket proceeds go directly to “The Ellie Shoal Supplemental Needs Trust”.
Admittance Tickets:$4.00
Raffle items w/ proceeds going to Trust also!

Event: Lacrosse Game Dedicated to the Potvins
Start Time: Friday, March 12 at 6:00pm
End Time: Friday, March 12 at 9:00pm
Where: AKHS Stadium

Ellie, Grace and friends will be announced with the teams and will be the honored guests of the evening!! There will be raffle items with proceeds going directly to The Ellie Shoal Potvin Supplemental Needs Trust as well as 100% of the evening’s ticket sales. All of the players will place a special “Ellie” sticker on their lacrosse sticks to show their continued support. Please invite all of your friends and neighbors- we would love a huge crowd to welcome Ellie and Grace onto the field!!

Sunday, March 28th 2:00 PM – Join the Charlotte Checkers and the Potvin family for the 2nd Annual “Lift Up Ellie” event!

Sunday, March 28th at 2:00 PM

Join the Charlotte Checkers and the Potvin family for the 2nd Annual “Lift Up Ellie” event!

Ellie Shoal Potvin is a beautiful eight year old girl who was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma in July of 2008.
The Checkers relationship with the Potvin’s began last season when they hosted the first Lift Up Ellie Night at Time Warner Cable Arena, and Checkers Fight For Ellie in November of 2009.
Her family, along with the Checkers teamed up with the community to help raise funds to help ease the family’s mounting financial burden. The Potvins have no control on the number of days they will blessed with Ellie’s joy filled spirit and were handed the news that they are once again facing the fight of little Ellie’s life.

Ticket Information:
Tickets will be $15.00 with $6.00 from each ticket sold benefiting the Ellie Shoal Potvin Supplemental Fund.
1.  To purchase tickets go to
2. Enter “Ellie” for both the username and password.
3. Enter desired ticket quantity.
4. Proceed to Checkout.

Join the Checkers as the team once again comes together to support Team Potvin as they continue their journey on Sunday, March 28 at 2:00 PM.
Contact Danielle Adkins for more information at
704-444-1876 or


Classmates send Valentine’s Day wish to “Lift Up Ellie”

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“Lift Up Ellie” Gallery Event – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-

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